Welcome to the park!

Puppet Park began in 2022 in Los Angeles, as a rise from the ashes puppet musical passion film project by Rob Nelson (creator) and friends. After being taught the art of puppetry from The Jim Henson Company's own, Dan Garza; who is behind bringing back the rock on the award winning show, Fraggle Rock! (Dan Garza was taught puppetry by Kevin Clash.)

Rob Nelson utilized this puppeteering/puppet building knowledge and formed Puppet Park, which is categorized into 3 branches. 'The Puppet Shop'; a place to buy puppets and learn the art of puppetry. 'Music'; a children's sing-along / learning-fun puppet program channel on YouTube. '& More!';  "Puppets Love Skateboarding" giving back to the community non profit at local skate parks; featuring puppet prize raffles, skateboarding lessons, and competitions.

Our goal is to share the fun, and love of puppets with everyone!